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The research carried out at the academic partner institutions is of high scientific excellence - in some areas World-leading. With the open environment for knowledge transfer created by BASE, scientific discoveries will have a clearer route to innovation, patenting, new materials and concepts. Innovative ideas in battery materials or cell chemistries can thereby better realize their full technological potential. Some recent examples: solid polymer electrolytes for Li-batteries, graphite-S cells, novel Na-ion battery cathodes, binders with low environmental impact, organic electrodes, graphene-composites for cells packaging, battery recycling strategies, etc.

In a ‘medium-time’ perspective (5-10 years), BASE will provide Swedish industry with an increased capacity to build new IP and product portfolios. We will build an application-driven environment based on state-of-the-art research results for optimized and tailor-made materials and new devices for targeted projects.

The goal for Batteries Sweden (BASE)​:

  • Build an internationally leading Swedish scientific/technological/innovation Centre of Excellence for a wide range of batteries concepts
  • Develop an ultrahigh performance battery by taking novel battery materials, components and concepts based on lithium, sodium, metal-air/sulphur, biomaterials, and iron/manganese through the whole value-chain from research scale to at least pilot-scale production where this is appropriate
  • Ensure environmentally friendly production of materials, electrodes and battery cells through the use of LCA and recycling-by-demand
  • Support end-users in Sweden with battery test procedures and cutting-edge scientific evaluations of their test results
  • Provide society with necessary information and competence regarding emerging electrochemical energy storage solutions
  • Create an inspiring research atmosphere enabling young scientists, PhDs and Master students to work in close collaboration with the leading industries in the field
  • Develop new courses or course modules at all levels for life- long learning and on request for the involved companies
  • Introduce an international dimension into our work through collaboration with International Centres
  • Attract World-leading young scientist to work in the Centre through, for example, Marie Curie Fellowships.
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