Polymer-Based Solid Electrolytes

Project description

This project has a focus on the synthesis and characterisation of polymer systems that exhibit both high mechanical stiffness and ion conductivity. The most recent and promising approach is to create bi-continuous matrix structures. A liquid electrolyte phase is combined with a stiff thermoset matrix forming a two-phase system through a reaction induced phase separation. This creates a structural polymer backbone for mechanical load transfer with a percolating liquid electrolyte network for ion conduction. Starting from the already proven concept will the chemistry of both the solid and the liquid phases be varied to improve both the intrinsic properties (electrochemical, physical, and mechanical) of the electrolyte. Solid/solid two-phase systems of significantly different stiffnesses between the phases will also be considered. This project will be coordinated with activities at UU on the concept of solid and hybrid solid/liquid electrolytes.

Organisations involved in the project

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Contact person

Mats Johansson, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Last modified: 2023-04-25