Mitigating corrosion in batteries

Project description

The performances of batteries generally degrade with time due to different aging phenomena. In lithium-ion batteries, one of these phenomena involves corrosion of the aluminium current collectors. In the development of high-voltage positive electrode materials and/or new electrolytes for lithium-ion batteries, this corrosion of the aluminium current collector can become a performance limiting factor. It is therefore very important to find ways to increase the corrosion resistance of the aluminium current collector in different non-aqueous electrolytes. This project, which involves Uppsala University, Gränges, Graphmatec, RISE and Chalmers, consequently, aims at new approaches to address this problem based on an improved understanding of the reactions yielding aluminium corrosion in non-aqueous electrolytes. This knowledge will facilitate the development of lithium-ion batteries with longer lifetimes.

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Contact person

Leif Nyholm, Uppsala University

Last modified: 2022-03-03