Fiber optic sensing in batteries

Project description

Accurate on-line monitoring of chemical and physical processes in big battery packs for large scale energy storage and electric vehicles are becoming increasingly important. Correct information regarding the battery performance and operation can lead to a prolonged life time, increased use of the capacity, and the possibility for early detection of safety risks.The efforts in this project aim to fundamentally investigate the application of optical sensors for detection of chemical and physical processes in lithium and sodium ion batteries. The sensor is in the form of a very small optical fibre that can be incorporated into a battery cell, and the scientific and engineering challenges are to understand which information from the battery that can be conveyed into optical signals. The ambition is also to model the signals from the fibres to convert the data into useful information that can support a BMS-system. The project is operated by Uppsala University, Chalmers University of Technology and Insplorion AB, and the long term goal is to develop a cheap and versatile sensor system that can be combined with a BMS-unit.

Organisations involved in the project

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Contact person

Fredrik Björefors, Uppsala University

Last modified: 2023-04-25