Battery safety testing and characterization

Project description

The safety profile has the highest priority for the automotive industry and hence ways to improve the inherent safety measures for cells and batteries during the development phase is an extremely important subject for today’s manufacturers.

This project aims to quantify the effects of thermal runaway in terms of heat release and to connect it to suitable model systems. Not only does this data provide with information for the cell developer teams but it does also provide with possible lifesaving information to fire fighters and doctors should thermal runaway occur during serious conditions. Finally, a well understood composition of gas and particles provides with key information on how to clean up the environment in the event’s aftermath.

In particular the project aims to further develop the methods for quantifying:

  • Heat release
  • Pressure development
  • Gas composition (volume, concentration)
  • Solid particle count

Organisations involved in the project

Last modified: 2023-04-25