Non-flammable liquid electrolytes

Project description

Laptops, cell phones and electric vehicles catching fire have been reported several times in past, and therefore industry has spent a lot of efforts to improve safety of batteries. Yet, safety incidents especially ´╗┐catastrophic fires or explosions of batteries are still major concerns. Liquid electrolytes used in today’s batteries are based organic alkyl carbonate solvents which are flammable.

To address the safety issues, solid electrolytes have been attracted attentions in recent years, however, solid electrolytes possess their own limitations. This project therefore aims to develop non-flammable liquid electrolytes for lithium and sodium batteries. There are several possible approaches to develop such electrolyte as it shown in Figure below. The focus will be understanding of bulk properties and interfacial reactions in non-flammable non-aqueous electrolytes. This will provide knowledge to both academia and industry in Sweden on how to improve safety of batteries.

Organisations involved in the project

Description in a picture

Figure caption: Strategies to develop non-flammable liquid electrolytes (source: Gond et al., Mater. Horizons 2021, 8, 2913, DOI: 10.1039/D1MH00748C )

Contact person

Reza Younesi,
Uppsala University


Last modified: 2022-02-22